Good & Common

As civil rights face constant threats

We built a resource to help those at risk

After the murder of George Floyd, our social fabric strained against the weight of systemic racism.

An initiative by our friends at Landscape offered pro-bono support to local black-owned businesses in the aftermath of that terrible moment. We were humbled to be asked to collaborate with them as they selected a project to build.

Presented in plain language and addressing common situations, this project offers an accessible, portable web-based reference for any American as they interact with law enforcement.

Leveraging the leadership and experience of DeWitt Lacy, a local civil rights attorney, we built a simple web-based platform to publish a repository of straightforward information about basic civil rights. The site highlights important types of interactions with police, and how best to handle them.

A focus on universal legal standards and the constitutional rights of all Americans makes this a continually relevant, and evolving, resource for the common good.