In pursuit of the joyous and unique

We craft space for everyone

Long story, short.

Aleph is a tightly-knit band of creative futurists based in San Francisco. Our professed passion is to shape the infinite potential of interactive design and technology into real user experience.

There are many forms to what we build; the essence of our work is conveyed by brightly rendered stories on the web and virtual gears meshing within complex applications. Each thing that we create expands the possibilities of its space and celebrates the goodness of its cause.

Just the way we are.

We present an experienced team with a collective consciousness spanning multiple spectra. A diversity of influences and interests informs our work, and our perspective embraces many angles at once.

Polaroids of Aleph and friends, on a bulletin board

Diligent workspace obstructionist

Federico García Lorca

Seer of invisible Andalusia

Amanda Tusing

Master harbinger of horrific edge cases

Mia Sommese

Copious note taker + goods baker


Can't wait to go somewhere with you


Plays all the best angles + colors


Paints life without brushes


Baroness of bop, decoder of secrets

Serena Williams

Powerful role model, stunning baseliner

Conrad Seto

Picks up the melody real easy

Jorge Louis Borges

The one who has seen the Aleph

Sony Maharjan

Draws beautifully from many influences

Mr. P__

Recumbent guardian of prose + HQ

Betty Davis

Funky, transcendent and indomitable

Kay Sage

Brings early visions of tomorrow


Calmly hitchikes in backpacks

Jason Herring

Draws fun shit during meetings

Carl Sagan

Stirring billions upon billions of imaginations

Matt Glaser

Tries to catch the wind with a net

Arron Swartz

Patron saint of Open Access

Gabriel García Márquez

Makes magic real

So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.


The paths we’ve taken.

Aleph’s team has been immersed in the evolution of the web for over twenty years. We keep up with the pace by utilizing modern methods and technologies to craft creative, interactive experiences for our clients and their users. As the medium has grown and forked, we chose a path allowing us to hone a large range of skills and talents.

We design user-centric interfaces and experiences meant to announce a bold presence across different types of media and industries. Our team engages with international brands, boosting their signal through the comprehensive design of campaigns, websites and mobile applications.

We craft world-facing websites and applications that work everywhere, for everybody; bringing great user experience designs to life is our major focus. Aleph features a team of true experts in fundamental web technologies like JavaScript/TypeScript and CSS, and we leverage tools such as ReactJS and GraphQL to create rich and sophisticated interfaces.

We engineer back-end systems that drive application platforms at the enterprise level, including common application frameworks such as Sanity, WordPress, Serverless and many others. Aleph can also augment your current DevOps capabilities and work with your existing cloud infrastructure (or build it out from scratch) to keep everything stable, secure and fast.