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Refining the Point

A new website and brand evolution reflect how Aleph provides creative direction and tech guidance to its clients, inspired by smart robots.

Aleph’s core offerings as a creative technology partner have expanded and shifted over the years as our talents and focus have evolved. In recent times, the pace of change in the tech that surrounds us has accelerated beyond any human’s ability to keep up with it. We’ve been thinking a lot about where our brand and capabilities sit within this tumultuous landscape, and we recently launched our new website, where the latest output of that thought process takes center stage.

We believe Aleph’s brand should reflect the collective diversity of our creative influences, the empathy for others that we carry, and the irreverent nature of the work we want to do. Our client work is focused primarily on shaping the space around information, and bringing our clients a comprehensive, creative vision that is both incredibly ambitious and inherently possible.

The latest expression of our brand showcases not only our influences and inspiration, but also who we can become as we embrace new innovation in tech-assisted creative work. A core tenet of our team is that coding is a creative act; not simply a byproduct of design but an intrinsic part of the design process. It is both foundational and transformative, encompassing both the static nature of printed pages and the dynamic movement of interactive art.

In our immediate future, the advent of LLMs and AI offers an opportunity to leverage it as a tool for creation. Far from resigning ourselves to being replaced by it, we believe in the democratization of this technology as a means to forge new ground and build future-forward experiences across many modes. The recent work we’ve done on our brand and website highlights our capabilities in this space; a combination of our own creative vision augmented by the surrealist flourishes of smart robots.

A core tenet of our team is that coding is a creative act; not simply a byproduct of design but an intrinsic part of the design process.

Using prompts to create images can be just like standing in front of an oracle, awaiting some divine response. We find it more useful to use AI as a tool for translating our ideas into visual inspiration for our own work. The painstaking process of combing through assets, compiling mood boards and such, can now take the form of a conversation with a superhuman force for creative reference. Our creative workflow will evolve as the tools themselves evolve, and our team is committed to remaining at the vanguard of this movement with the precious core of our experience and understanding as a lodestar.

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It is our business to provide leadership and guidance as the future comes to your enterprise. The watermark on all of our client work is the fearless embrace of new tools and technologies, and we believe that our brand echoes the excitement that comes with it.

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