WordPress Site / Content Strategy / UX Design
built for UC Berkeley

Bears Make the Best Optometrists.

Website content is (or should be) a living, breathing thing, and should change and adapt over time. The thing is, the longer that the content lives the more it tends to grow and, like an unruly plant, it’ll turn into a real nightmare right in your front yard if you don’t maintain it. 

The UC Berkeley School of Optometry has a lot of useful content for their website users, cultivated and augmented over many years. As Aleph engaged in a complete redesign and rebuild of the website, we wrangled all that content into an information architecture and visual design that embraces its scope without overwhelming visitors and without limiting UC Berkeley’s ability to keep adding to it. 

Aleph’s work as a preferred vendor at UC Berkeley continues as we offer our services across multiple projects, keeping information accessible and well-tended for the next generation of elite optometrists.