Our Turbulent Decade
Animated Journalism in WordPress and ReactJS
built for KQED

A Retrospective of Intense Times.

It’s possible that you just had to be here, but take KQED’s word for it: the 2010s were a really interesting time to be in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of it might be a bit fuzzy due to recent 2020-era insanities but yeah, remember the Occupy Movement? The deadliest wildfires in California history? The last time the San Francisco Giants won a game? 

It all happened last decade, as is told beautifully through the reporting and visual narratives provided by KQED. Aleph built out a user interface featuring original line art and highlighting the tumultuous nature of a ten year period that fundamentally transformed the region and altered the landscape in ways that you can still see right now. 

Our work on this project was featured by the New York Times and lives on within the fabric of the modernized KQED.org that Aleph built in support of future decades of visually compelling reporting.