Announcements / Borges / Aleph
Posted 7.8.2017
By Matt Glaser

Doubt Is One of the Names of Intelligence.

"La duda es uno de los nombres de la inteligencia."

—Jorge Luis Borges

In case you're looking to do business with us, you should know that most of Aleph's staff didn't start their careers in tech or as coders. We're writers and communicators, wannabe activists and creative misfits who just happen to be great web developers. This one characteristic makes our team uniquely suited to a mission and culture focused on the context of our work. It helps us to embrace the doubt that accompanies real innovation, and to find new ways to improve our work every day. This brings more value to our clients than if we were simply leveraging technology to accomplish a set of tasks.

That's just a long-winded way of saying "We write a ton of code, but we're also really good at speaking the same language our clients do." We work within a broad cross-section of industries and for companies of many sizes, from local nonprofits to international enterprises. Our value to them is invariably tied to our ability to work within the context of their needs and structures, as opposed to imposing a one-workflow-fits-all approach that doesn't take reality into account.

Aleph's mission is to build web-based experiences that reflect the best parts of ourselves, and to support positive change in the world we inhabit.

So why should you work with Aleph? What differentiates us from dozens or even hundreds of other web development outfits that you might want to hire or work for? The answer is hidden in the name we chose, inspired by a great short story called "The Aleph" by Jorge Luis Borges. The Aleph is a tiny place in a basement owned by an acquaintance of the narrator, and it is "...the only place on earth where all places are -- seen from every angle, each standing clear, without any confusion or blending."

The Aleph is a lens for viewing the world from many angles, without distortion; we strive to gain that same perspective into each client and project.

Our niche is carved out by a team that is built upon diversity, not just of gender or ethnicity but of experience. We see the world from lots of angles, and we approach our work by considering context above everything else. It allows us to translate a client's needs into meaningful interactions, whether that client is a small nonprofit that needs help modernizing their web presence, a world-class design firm that needs their vision translated perfectly into digital interactivity, or a bastion of independent journalism looking to transform the user experience that houses the content they produce every day.

Aleph's mission is to build web-based experiences that reflect the best parts of ourselves, and to support positive change in the world we inhabit. We're looking to accomplish that mission while being professional, altruistic and of course, financially solvent. Our experiment is just getting started, and I sincerely hope you want to get involved.