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Cool Buildings Need Websites, too.

The metaphorical connection between website development and architecture is pretty tired, we know. “How much does it cost to build a house?” is a common response to the open-ended “How much does it cost to build a website?” question. The metaphor has value, but it only goes so far. A website rarely needs a new chimney cap.   

What happens though, when you are asked to build a website for a building? The metaphors become either more or less useful, is what! Like any architectural project, you might choose an approach that is creative and modern to reflect the environment your building resides in.

You might also partner with a top-notch design team like Volume Inc. to coordinate the design with the brand and marketing of the building itself. The result is a unique website/building in the commercial real estate space that offers a rich interactive environment to your users/tenants.

100 California offers a space that is perfectly positioned to house innovative and smart companies in San Francisco’s financial district. Its bold renovation, stunning visuals and gorgeous views deserve a compelling presentation from every angle. The website built by Aleph extends the prestige of that presentation to the web, where we continually embrace the echoes of great architecture and design.