WordPress / VIP / Partnerships / Announcements
Posted 7.4.2020
By Matt Glaser

Aleph is now a WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner!

So, Aleph does a fair amount of WordPress work, and we’ve been doing it for a long time for clients of all shapes and zodiac signs, including a number of huge organizations like Airbnb, UC Berkeley and KQED. We call this type of work “Enterprise WordPress” because it sounds important and because that’s basically what everyone else calls it.

No matter what you call it, it scales up well, and our biggest projects are hosted with WordPress VIP, the official web hosting arm of Automattic (the creators and maintainers of WordPress itself). Hosting with VIP has some major advantages for enterprise clients, including the most secure WordPress hosting that money can buy. 

For our WordPress VIP projects, we work directly with the support devs at Automattic to make sure every line of code is reviewed and approved. Being an Agency Partner strengthens our relationship with them, and allows us to collaborate even closer with WordPress’ in-house engineers on improvements to both our code and their platform. 

In short, it’s a big plus for our WordPress clients and for us. If you’re looking for WordPress help at any scale, we’d love to talk to you. Check out VIP’s offerings here, and come talk to us about getting your site launched on their platform.