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built for Airbnb

Broadcasting to a World of Anxious Travelers

Communication is a core feature of the stuff Aleph builds. Technology changes and our creations evolve, but the song remains the same; We strive to make sharing valuable information with a lot of people effortless.

Under normal operating conditions, Airbnb has a lot to say. From announcing fun new projects like the Italian Sabbatical to disaster-relief initiatives like Open Homes, the Airbnb Newsroom is a busy place. As Covid-19 transforms the world and roils the travel industry, few companies have been as transparent and frank about how the pandemic is affecting their business. The Airbnb Newsroom is a centerpiece of communication as the company finds innovative ways to navigate this new global landscape. 

So things are crazy. But it's good to be busy, right? The publishing platform that Aleph built to power the Newsroom continues to evolve in many languages and countries, with our team working in house at Airbnb to keep everything shiny for the adventure ahead.