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The Interactive Melding of Independent Minds.

At the dawn of modern history, there was no such thing as podcasting. There weren’t even any iPods yet. Instead, most folks hankering for a good story would use a radio to “tune in” to certain frequencies at a given time during the day. Technology has evolved a lot since then but radio is still a thing, and the storytelling traditions are stronger than ever. 

The most compelling stories are being recorded and distributed by independent producers, and a great deal of them are members of The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR). For many years, their staff and members developed rich content, resources and an online community across a disparate, fragmented series of websites and listservs, their membership numbers were a bit stagnant. Aleph designed and built a modern, consolidated meeting place for members, featuring a robust forum for conversation and networking, directories, and two decade’s worth of legacy content in the form of resources, articles and archives. It was a big job! 

The refreshed AIR website brought in hundreds of new members within the first year, driven by a customized CRM and e-commerce platform that we designed, built and maintained. We’re proud of what we built in support of AIR. The stories keep on coming in podcast form, and even on the radio!